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Next Level´s SecurityServer is a standalone component that handles any kind of cryptographic request. We are concentrating on SMIME encryption and signatures. But the environment is ready to implement different algorithms as well.

In this document there is a chapter on how to configure B2B by Practice to run with the SecurityServer.

Product features

The following features are available with the SecurityServer

  • SMIME message encryption
  • SMIME message decryption
  • SMIME message signature
  • SMIME message verify
  • SMIME message analyser
  • Easy management of certificates and private keys (without the need of a keystore)
    • Upload new certificates
    • Update certificates of already existing certificates
    • Activate / Deactivate certificates
    • Time slicing in the validity range of a certificate
  • Virus detection using a store filter
  • Certificate revocation list validation
  • Easy integration with the SecurityServer API (Java based)
  • Easy integration with B2B by Practice
  • Extension mechanism for additional algorithms and security filters
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