Dynamic Locks


This documentation explains how to enable the dynamic locks of the B2B. Dynamic locks extends the current concepts of the lock tables in the B2B. An extension is added in which services can be mapped to (maybe new) locks. Therefore it is now possible to execute two file crawler in parallel. The responsibility of correct configuration is at this point on the side of the customer. For example if two crawler crawl the same folder and are on different locks non deterministic behavior is the result.

Customizing of Dynamic Locks

The locks will be enabled when the extension B3P_DYNAMIC_LOCKS is added. This extension need to contain a list of locks which are marked by the keyLOCKS and separated by ;. Every of this locks has a list of services which are also separated by ;.



Additional Remarks

Names for Locks

Important! Do not use _ in lock names. _ is used as separator. This would lead to unexpected behavior.

Ignored Services

The dynamic locks are not enabled for all kinds of services. Queuerestart, CCMIndex and Queue services will ignore the table and still run on the normal locks.

Remove dynamic locktables

After one locktable is added to the system by an extension entry the system will not automatically remove the table. This needs to be done by hand. This is just the current state and will be adapted soon.

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